You have SSL! We may need to make a few alterations to your website to get it working properly, depending on how your theme is coded and your pages set up this could take 5 minutes and it could take an hour. To help you avoid the Google punch I'm not charging for the first 10 minutes of getting it implemented. You need to email me! I will not ... Read More »

29th Jan 2017
Wordpress Log In Issues

We are aware that you are experiencing a problem logging in to your Wordpress site. Tech support is also aware of the issue and is currently working on it.

23rd Nov 2015
CityA Server Migration Complete

Server Migration is now complete. I sincerely apologize for the lack of information leading up to the event. After my inital notice was sent out, I was under the impression that I would receive a 24 hour warning that I could then relay to you. Unfortunately, that did not happen. I received no notice that the migration had even started.I am happy ... Read More »

9th Feb 2014
Zen Cart version 1.3.9

Zen Cart has released a new, updated version. It is highly recommended that you upgrade to the latest version to keep your store secure. This update is far more complex than the previous security patches. The charge for me to do this update is $20. Just drop me an email and I'll get your store updated as soon as possible. If you decide to attempt ... Read More »

26th Apr 2010
Zen Cart Security Update

Zen Cart Users If your site is running ZenCart there is a security update that needs to be installed. If you're comfortable with doing, go right ahead. If you'd like me to do it, I will certainly do so for no charge. First log into your Admin area. In the right hand corner you'll see the word "Version", click that and let me know which version ... Read More »

12th Jul 2009
Missing some emails?

The good news is we have a great new anti-spam feature! The bad news is, it’s a little too great. You just might be missing out on a few emails. Tech Support is trying to decide just how to handle it and whether to remove it or find a way to make it less sensitive. In the meantime, you might want to go in and periodically make sure none of ... Read More »

15th Apr 2009
Billing Area Change

We have modified the url you use to access our billing area to better match our website. I will have a forwarder up for one month to give you time to change your access pattern. You have been using to reach this area, now you need to use

27th Mar 2009
Invoices are now current

All invoices from today forward are current.

22nd Feb 2009
Ignore Invoices

We are moving to a new billing system and as I get everything sorted out you may recieve invoices and receipts. Please ignore them until further notice.

21st Feb 2009
New Billing System

We are implementing a NEW billing system. Due to this, ordering may not work at times.

Current Clients: You will need to use the "request password" link to generate a new password before you can log in to view invoices and update your account.

20th Feb 2009